Flowery Spring Trips with Your Dog!

spring trips

Here in Oregon we are spoiled with how many different types of spring trips and outings we can choose from. We’re gonna talk about some of my favorites, especially if you’re like me and want to get some springtime pics with the flowers and your dog! 

This may not be an all inclusive list, as I’ve not been to all the parks in our area, and some of them aren’t dog friendly. Every park mentioned here has my approval as a safe park to take dogs and they all have plenty of space to share. Enjoy!

Flowers in the Eugene/Springfield Area

Wallace M. Ruff Jr. Memorial Park

Pictured here is the Wallace M. Ruff Jr. Memorial Park. At the time of this writing (beginning of April) the trees are just beginning to bloom, with some early bloomers shown here. Although the park is beautiful all year, it is especially so when all the magnolia trees are blooming. It is, after all, a magnolia arboretum! 

That said, it has other flowering plants that bloom throughout the year and there is usually some point of interest in the park. I have written about this park more in depth and if you’d like to read more before your visit, follow this link!

Owen's Rose Garden

While the roses aren’t the fastest bloomers in the spring, once they get started they pretty much don’t want to quit! I’ve also written about this park before, and that post can be visited here! This park is great to visit as a late spring trip, and of course throughout their blooming season. There are 400+ varieties of roses, and the scent alone when the flowers are blooming is reason enough to visit.

This trail system is one that everyone should explore (with or without their dog) if you live in this part of Oregon. The park is a showcase of the natural plants and beauty of our state with several different sections and is a great one to visit when looking for native wild flowers. Now in the beginning of April we are starting to have them pop up, so if natural and more wild beauty appeals to you, this is a good fit for you! 

Additionally if you’re looking for a place to see some Calypso Orchids (an Oregon native) they can be found in the park, or at least I have found them here in the past. Year around this is a fantastic place to visit, flowers or no, simply by how massive it all is and how there is always something new to explore or see! Trails range from flat, to pretty strenuous and of course in between. Rules can vary trail to trail, so make sure you’re abiding by the posted signage. For me this is a great spring trip and this is my favorite time to visit!

Weekend Spring trips and Adventures

This botanical garden is located in Silverton and is a great place to visit with your dog! I love going to this garden, it is great to explore and wander around. at 80 acres, there is plenty of space, and there is always something in bloom! Very much worth a visit, with or without your dog. To top it all off, The Oregon Garden also has their pet friendly resort right by the gardens if you find you’d like to stay a while. This is one of those places in Oregon that is near and dear to my heart, and a place I’m happy to be able to experience again and again. 

If you love tulips this is the place for you! As the name suggests, this is a tulip farm and there are 30 acres of flowers to view and enjoy. During the Wooden Shoe Tulip Fest the farm is open to the public (with online ticket purchase). They keep their site up to date with how the blooms are doing in the fields, so you can best plan when you’d like to visit for best bloom time. The farm also has very early hours, so if you’re a photographer who wants to catch a dramatic sunrise over the flowers, you can!

The farm is in the Woodburn area. 

These iris gardens are only open for the month of May, so get in there while the getting is good! Located in roughly the Salem area, it’s easy to access even if you’re coming from Eugene and is very near the 5 freeway. In the display garden there are 500+ varieties of irises to look at and enjoy. There is admission, but like the other places listed here, it is very reasonable and well worth it.

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