Nicole Prince - Dog Trainer - Veteran - Fantasy Book Junkie

Nicole Prince is a dedicated dog trainer specializing in deepening bonds between dogs and their owners, allowing them to face and overcome their training challenges as a team with bravery and confidence. Nicole guides and empowers owners to reclaim their freedom and shape their dogs into stellar companions with techniques that utilize joy, fun, and effective learning, to lead owners to lasting solutions that improve the quality of life for both human and dog. 

Proud Navy veteran, Nicole Prince is no stranger to courage in the face of adversity, hard work, and getting the job done. Relentless in her pursuit of knowledge, Nicole is forever striving to bring her clients cutting edge dog training techniques that are always strongly backed by science. 

As a dog trainer and expert on dogs, Nicole is not afraid to cut to the chase and deliver focused coaching and advice to dog owners needing guidance and support on their training journey. Nicole excels at helping owners rehabilitate behaviorally challenged dogs, and knows firsthand the difficulties that owners face when dealing with difficult problems with their furry family members.

She not only helps owners get results with their dogs, but also teaches them to decipher their dog’s behavior and establish clear lines of communication, enabling both owners and dogs to thrive instead of just getting by.

Leading, guiding, and supporting dog owners through their challenges is Nicole’s passion and she dedicates herself to each client’s journey to their goals.

Nicole lives in the beautiful PNW city of Springfield with her 3 dogs, Pip, Forte, and Froot. You can find her out in the world training dogs, spending time peacefully enjoying a cup of tea, taking care of her plants, or in the midst of a good fantasy book.

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