Bob Artz Memorial Park

The Bob Artz Memorial Park is a fairly large park almost at the edge of the Thurston area. It is 11 acres of space that is mostly taken up by 3 baseball/softball fields. During the sporting season this park can get packed!  

The park has clear sightlines and the area is nearly as flat as a pancake. From the parking lot you can see into the park and take a look at whether or not there are people or dogs to watch out for.

Park features


  • Dedicated parking lot
  • Picnic benches
  • Sitting benches
  • Play structure
  • Poop bags 
  • Trash bins
  • 3 Softball/baseball fields
  • Paved paths

This park DOES NOT HAVE:

  • Restrooms – usually locked
  • Drinking fountain – usually shut off
  • Dog park
  • Covered shade structures

Bob Artz Memorial Park is a free park with no fees or paid parking area. Simply park in the lot and you’re ready to go! 

Right out of the lot there are a couple of fields that can be used or explored by you and your dog. These areas that are outside of the fenced baseball/softball area are pretty popular and there can be off leash dogs here. This isn’t that great because it’s right by the parking lot and road into the park, which creates a potential hazard for drivers. Take care when entering the park, both while in your vehicle and when walking your dog into the fenced section of the park. 

The baseball/softball section of Bob Artz Memorial park is completely fenced and has two entrances. One entrance is very clear and by the main gate, the other is towards the front end of the park off of one of the fields, away from the parking lot. It is usually shut and latched (but not locked). 

The park itself is nestled behind private land, and sometimes there have been horses in the fields adjacent to the park. They of course mind their own business, but for dogs who have never seen a horse, this may be something new and challenging. The park is securely fenced with chain link fence around baseball/softball fields, so in the event that there is wildlife or livestock on the other side there is still a barrier to keep everyone safe.

A couple things to note about the fields. There can be a bottle neck at the main gate, however it shouldn’t catch you by surprise since the fence is entirely see through. Be aware of your surroundings and keep your dog leashed and close when approaching places that may be challenging.

Secondly, in the summer months the fields are watered regularly with massive sprinklers. There is no warning and you may be caught unaware.

Thirdly, in the wetter months there is a tendency for the fields to be wet, mushy, and muddy. For most dogs this isn’t a problem, in fact some prefer these conditions, but of course not all people do! The paved areas do not get flooded, and not all of the fields become swampy, so the park is still usable, just not the whole thing. 

Fourth, it’s quite common for there to be off leash dogs here and the rule doesn’t seem to be too heavily enforced. Always carry your leash with you and have treats available to reward your dog’s recalls to you. Be aware of the other patrons of the park and keep an eye out for problem situations. 

Bob Artz Memorial Park has a lot of things going for it and it is a good place to take your dog. There is room to roam, to throw the frisbee or ball, and get some sniffs in too. It doesn’t have the most dynamic of environments, but it gets the job done. In the off season it’s also not very busy at all and it’s pretty common to have the entire park to oneself. For those who have a reactive dog, this can definitely be a win!

Explore before you go! Take a look at my recent visit to this park.

Where is it?

The Bob Artz Memorial Park is on Thurston Rd, and if you drive straight through you’ll see the road clearly marked by the sign. Turn there and you’ll end up in the parking lot, ready to use the park!

Here is the address : 7807 Thurston Rd, Springfield, OR 97478

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